Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker Obama Cover

Wow, New Yorker you can't be serious. I am speechless. In so many ways you would think that we have come along way, but it looks like we have not. Sales must be really poor at the New Yorker for a stunt like this.

There is a great documentary film called "Soldiers With-Out Swords" on the history of the Black Press in America. The Black Press would emulate the mainstream press in their tactics to vilify people of color. To be balanced I wonder if we will see Mr and Mrs McCain dressed in White Sheets, with photo of Hitler on the wall as they click their boots in an Arian salute. Probably not!

New Yorker GROW UP! And members of the staff who are persons of color SPEAK UP! You have a responsibility to your families, your community and your country at large.


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