Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wall-E Review

My wife and I took our 2 year old daughter to see Wall-E this weekend. She woke this morning saying "Daddy We See Wall-E today"? "Yes Honey, we will...". Wall-E is fantastic on so many levels. Pixar has made a poignant and important movie with a message for our times. It is a call to our kids to rise up and fix what we have so resourcefully broken.

The music soundtrack is just wonderful. Wall-E has discovered our ancient romantic past in old movies. He is ripe for love when his angel EVE comes from the heavens in a thundering ship. EVE is sent to find plant life on Earth.

The adventure of Wall-E is a protective layer for a true love story. Simple in it's innocence, you realize that love and sacrifice are the fundamental ingredients for survival. The love and fight for life displayed by Wall-E and Eve smashes our person video screen image of ourselves like the hammer in "1984". In an instant we are transported from the world of the ME back to the future of the WE.

This love story between 2 machines has the power to wake us from our 700 year sleep. They show us the way home and help us to believe again.

Pixar Team good job!


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