Friday, June 20, 2008

YouTube - Launches Filmmaker Section

YouTube announced today that they are launching a special filmmaker section called Screening Room this coming Wednesday. This section is to be a home for Indy Filmmakers. So the question is will this make a difference for filmmakers.

In addition to just having a regular place to load films they will allow filmmakers to generate revenue with a buy now button to sell their films as well as allow filmmakers the opportunity to get advertising revenue against their film.

In someways this seems bold and revolutionary, but it also seems a simple re-branding of sorts since filmmakers have been loading their films for years on YT. Is this a frontal attack on the growing number of indy film site? New sites like and are making an impact. This is feeling very circa: 2000 with images of Atom Films and IFILM.

It seems that the age old problem still exists. How do you cut through the noise and clutter and get your film seen. Word of mouth or Advertising. Narrative filmmaking is a very different animal from the usual OMG car crash material that you find on YT. So will this new screening room be a breakthrough for filmmakers or the beginning of the channelization of YT. We will watch and see.


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