Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bernie Mac- "We Will Miss You"

Bernie Mac, Steve Harvey and Cedric the Entertainer came to Urbanworld to premiere their film Original Kings of Comedy directed by Spike Lee (2000). We went through the usual intros with Spike calling up his stellar cast for shout outs. Then as they are walking off Bernie grabs the mic and if you never saw Bernie live you missed something special.

Bernie thanked the crowd for coming and then unloaded... I am glad y'all came and most of you probably snuck in here tonight and didn't pay. Cause ya cheap. On opening night you better go out and buy a damn ticket, cause I work too G** Da** hard for you MF's to be stealing from me. And don't let me see a bootleg copy of this movie.

Bernie had the place in stitches. Original Kings of Comedy went on to be an enormous success. It is still the second highest grossing film per production cost ratio in history. Grossing over 12x its production cost.

Bernie we are going to miss you. Neither Hollywood nor the Hood will ever be the same.


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