Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tumi - Means Loyalty

I have to give a big plug to Tumi. If you did not know Tumi has a life time guarantee on it's luggage. And this summer I had a situation that I just knew they were going to throw me out of the store. On vacation out of the country my suitcase was lost and went on a bit of a journey. Finally a very nice baggage handler suggested I check at the other end of the baggage claim for my bag. There it was, but missing one of it's wheels.

Have you ever tried to look good dragging your bag through the airport with a missing wheel? Hard to do. Upon my return home I took my bag to the Tumi store on Madison Avenue. I was prepared to pay for the repair. The staff was amazing. The sales woman said we have a life time guarantee on our luggage. We will get it repaired right away. The next day I returned to the store and picked up my fully restored suitcase.

Tumi is the best. I have been buying Tumi for 20 years. They truly stand by their customers. Thanks to the staff at the Madison Ave location.


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