Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Motorcycle meets Smart Car

I just got off the phone with a friend who mentioned a motorcycle tragedy which is always very sad to hear. My condolences go out to the family. It brought to mind a couple of concept bikes that are out there to aid in such crashes and to help increase the likely hood of survival.

The fist it the Monotracer www.monotracer.com. This bike comes out of Germany. This particular design is a 2 seater. What is unique is that it has side wheels that come down at a stop position and also act as a support for a skid.

The second design is the TECA Concept bike - The Kneeslider http://www.concept-teca.com. It is a shell for a standard single rider bike. Not sure how these hold up in a crash test and could not find any information for that but seems like they are headed in the right direction to further protect riders while maintaining freedo.

Happy Safe ;-) Riding


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