Saturday, August 16, 2008

Clone Wars Review

I was worried about Clone Wars having read some of the reviews. People are over reacting. I found it to be consistent with expectations and quite good. It seems like many people forgot that it is the pilot for a tv show. It is worth seeing. If your a Star Wars fan it is a good fix. Nothing can compete with the films.

I found one part of the film disturbing. Anakin gets a Jedi apprentice (Ahsoka Tano). They constantly refer to how young she is. At least 20 times. There is some serious sexual overtones and play on words. Not sure if it was intentional or not. It worked in Star Wars Original between Han Solo and Princess Leia because there was a lot of comic relief around them with Luke, C3PO, Wookie and R2. But Anakin and Ahsoka are like a bickering married couple carrying Baby Yoda around. Just found that part strange and grew tired of it.

Still great film and worth seeing. The animation is nice and the camera work is spectacular. Some of the one liners from the droids is priceless.


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